Dominate Thrombus

Move Beyond Standart Thrombus Management Treatments WaterJET Thrombectomy System is designed for fragmentation and removal of thrombus from peripheral blood vessels. It includes a high-pressure jet of sterile saline solution directed in front of a powerful aspiration.

Dominate Thrombus  Management


  • Allows easy penetration  and smooth transition.
  • Provides lesion access:  Exceptional trackability even in the most     challenging anatomy
  • Shapes and sizes to meet  your peripheral challenges
  • Advantages Vessels < 1.8 mm in diameter as for ELT6FGC,
  • < 2.05 mm in diameter as for ELT7FGC
  • And < 2.2 mm in diameter as for ELT8FGC
  • Innovative Design
  • No securement Hooks
  • Minimized risk of fracture
  • No risk Migration
Design RX Design
Sheath Lenght 135 cm, 150 cm
Catheter Profile 5F- 6F -7F
Hydrophilic Aspiration Part 5 cm
Radiopacity Ring marker from distal tip to 3mm
Guidewire Compatible 0,014”
Catheter İnner Layer PTFE
Structure of the Catheter PE/PEBAX