MicroCATH Catheter is the detachable tip micro catheter with a strong resistance to pressure and total DMSO compatibility.

                Neurovascular intervention that use for the controlled  selective infusion

MicroCATH Catheter is the  detachable tip micro catheter with a strong resistance to pressure and total DMSO compatibility. The  catheters are the only real flow dependant catheters, meaning that their progression through the arteries system is facilitated by the blood flow. This characteristic is achieved thanks to an extreme suppleness of the tubes which allows a fast and non traumatic progression of the catheter inside the blood vessels.

Hydrophilic coating

Excellent kink resistance and pushability

Dedicated tip design with radiopaque marker

Excellent crossability

Ensures reliable fluoroscopic visibility

Choice of different catheter sizes ( 2.1 Fr and 2.7 Fr, guide catheter compatibility)

Optimized tip design

High compressive strength

Low profile

DMSO compatibility

Embolizing agent compliance

Detachable Tip structure

Over the guidewire (0.012”) system avoiding vessel wall damage

MicroCATH Catheter is the Neurovascular intervention that use of minimally-invasive endovascular techniques to treat vascular diseases of the brain. Physicians who perform these procedures receive highly specialized training in interventional neuroradiology and/or endovascular neurosurgery.

We offer advanced solutions for the treatments of the following brain diseases:

    •    Intracerebral AVMs and AV Fistulas  

   •    Intracerebral aneurysms

    •    Inntracranial stenosis

    •    Ischemic stroke and intracerebral thrombus   

 •    Tumors

Usable length 90 cm, 150 cm
Tip Length (cm) 1.5 cm, 3 cm
Tip Shape  Straight tip
Catheter Profile Proximal  2.1F, 2.7F
Catheter Profile Proximal 1.3F, 1.5F
Radiopaque Marker 1 mm located at 2 mm from the tip
Guidewire Compatibility Maximum diameter 0.012"
Coating  Hydrophilic
Minimum Dead Space 0.2 ml
Structure of the Catheter  PE/PEBAX