Otw Rotatıonal, Directional Pharmacomechanical
Thrombectomy Catheter

This over-the-wire rheolytic thrombectomy device uses the Venturi effect to create a hydrodynamic vortex that draws in and fragments the surrounding thrombus. The system requires use of a specialized system that creates rotational vortex effect prevents embolism and macarates thrombus with TPA while preventing distal embolism.


Sınusoidal wawe shaped tip design Contacts whole vessel lumen and effects wall adherent thrombus Allows movement over 0.035” guidewire Creates vortex effect and macarates thrombus with TPA while preventing distal embolism Active tip Preserves vessel wall Excellent steerability Built-in infusion port allows infusion of TPA and contrast media Tip diameter size ranging from 150 mm Allows physician to perform treatment depending on application area and vessel size Decreases thrombolytic treatment dose significantly Prevents post-thrombolytic syndrome significantly Decreases length of stay in hospital Quick Setup

Atraumatic rotational distal tip allows reliable operation Allows movement over 0.035” guidewire Mantis Curve transfers torque in the ratio of 1:1(distal/proximal) by the help of its flexible helical internal structure. Treat severely thrombus up to 2 times more effectively. 15000 RPM The device is available in multiple sizes, including 5, 6, 7 and 8 Fr.

Design Coil design and Sinusoidal wawe shape
Guidewire Compatibility 0,014”/0,035”
Catheter Lenght 90 cm, 110 cm, 120cm, 135cm, 150 cm
Catheter Profile  5.0F - 6.0F - 7.0F - 8.0F

Coil design and Sinusoidal wawe shape is

visible from the distal tip to proximal shaft

Active Zone 15 cm
Catheter Inner Layer PTFE
Structure of the Catheter Stainless steel coil, PA/PEBAX