InWire is use for PTCA and PTA and consists of an elastic stainless steel core wire. InWire platinum / iridium alloy coil provides radiopacity under high-resolution fluoroscopy at the distal end. The distal surface has a hydrophilic polymer coating that forms a high lubricity. It has a non-damaging flexble tip and slippery body structure. The distal tip is radiopaque. Fine control over challenging tortuous vessels and highly stenosed lesions. Polymer jacket provides advanced slip performance with superior torque and support. Can be used to enter and insert a diagnostic or interference device in the coronary vessels and is used to access and pass the lesion in a target lesion.

•    More durable than regular stainless steel

•    Retains shape

•    Good flexibility

•    Excellent steering and tracking

•    Easy steerability

•    Straight, configurable tip structure

•    Hydrophilic polymer coating provide lubricity

•    Radio-opaque tip

•    Torque capability

•    Recanalization


Guidewire Material Stainless Steel 
Guidewire Diameter  0,010”, 0,012”, 0,014”, 0,018”
Guidewire Lenght 150 cm, 180 cm, 260cm, 300 cm
Core Material  Stainless Steel
Core Taper Longer
Tip Sytle Stiff / Intermediate / Floppy  
Tip Lenght 1.5 cm- 10 cm
Spring Coils Pt-Ir Coil Shape
Covers  Polymer Cover
Coating Hydrophilic
Tip Load (g) 1-2, 3-6