Our clinical support staff work with nurses, doctors and health professionals to deliver high quality care. They are assisting healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient care. The staffs are fully qualified and experienced with our huge portfolio.

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Our clinical support teams has a huge importance and role in our future plans.


We are trying to make huge differences with our partners from all over the world. Together with our partners now we are exploring the world and have a chance to enhance the medical device sector. From all across the world, our partners believe our innovative products.

As Invamed / RD Global Company , we’re dedicated to continuous innovation in order to shape everything we do. Our purpose is to improve the health of the patients all around the world with our strong, hard-working, dedicated and clinically driven biomedical solutions team.

We continue our success by expanding Innovation in the new era of medicine by connecting people with our products. Our company’s main mission is to improve human health with our high quality innovative medical devices in global markets. For this matter, As Invamed / RD Global we have been exporting our products 58 different countries all over the world.