Through collaboration with clinics, colleges and industry peers, we are finding modern and inventive ways to address the pressing request for a remedy against Covid-19 infection. Our groups have a few activities underway to assist meet technology needs related with COVID-19.

Treatment" in short "Voltran". The technology at the moment is in clinical stages and the initial resulsts show a perfect negative result after 1 hour of UV Ray treatement. RD GLOBAL- INVAMED has also been officially invited by Cleveland Clinic and also New York University Medical Center, one of the most prestigious medical centers in USA, to conduct the relevant trials and analysis of Turkish Ray treatment.


"Our Winning Soul empowers us to adjust to client needs and progress Treatement."

We are leveraging innovation to supply eligible treatment for our doctors and customers. This incorporates expanded reality stages for next-generation case bolster. By harnessing innovation stages to supply virtual training, education and specialized back when conceivable, we are able reduce the hazard of COVID-19 exposure and protect our customers on their daily practice. On-request webinars are accessible to assist suppliers explore modern enactment and challenges in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.